Ken Ju Jitsu

Kyoshi Ken Treherne 7 Dan
Sensei Richard Treherne 3 Dan

Ken Ju Jitsu was founded by Ken Treherne, Kyoshi, in 1995. After obtaining his 1st Dan black belt under Robert Clark, Soke of the World Ju Jitsu Federation, in 1994, Ken wanted to share what he had learnt from Ju Jitsu. Not just about what can be done on the tatami, but how Ju Jitsu can change your outlook on life, for the better. Thus Ken Ju Jitsu was born.

Ken affiliated to Jiu Jitsu International under Richard Morris, Soke and became the Instructor to represent the Shropshire area for Jiu Jitsu International.To this day, Ken Ju Jitsu is still affiliated to Jiu Jitsu International. Over the years, Ken has moved up the chain of grades and titles, earning the respect of students from all over the world along the way. In July 2010 Ken was awarded his 7th Dan and Kyoshi title by Jan Erik Karlsson, Soke of World Hoku Shin Ko Ryu BuJutsu Federation at the Summer camp in Lund, Sweden. Kyoshi Ken's son Sensei Richard are the representative of World Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu Federation in England. 

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