House of Samurai has been located at its current address since 1986 and is the Headquarters of a World wide organization for a wide variety of martial arts. 

Soke Jan Erik Karlsson has been a full time martial artist since 1976 and one of the most influencial masters of Traditional Martial arts in Sweden & Norway. 

We offer weekly trainings in several different martial arts and at our dojo, you have the chance to train under skilled, world class instructors.

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Choose between, or combine the following;

Jujutsu - Traditional and modern selfdefence
Street Defence Jujutsu - Modern Reality Based selfdefence
Iaido - Japanese Swordsmanship
Kobujutsu - Traditional Japanese weaponry
Thaiboxing - pshysical box and kicking
Kickboxing - for 9-14 yrs
MMA - Mixed martial arts
Karate - Seido Karate (independent class)
Aikijutsu - the art of fighting without fighting