Soke Ernst Binder will lead the jujutsu  training of adults and youths 18:00 to 19:30.


At 19:30 we will light the grills and open for an informal garden dinner for adults. We welcome all our members to join in and particpate. 

Please let us know if you are coming by signing-up at The House of Samurai, or registering with Tom:

Don't Miss
House of Samurai's Summer Camp 2022
August 5-7

Register by contacting
Tom O'Dell

Here is an updated list of Training Camps for the Spring of 2022.

Please note that the Svalöv Camp has been cancelled, but we will be adding a new date for that camp.

Here are some images of Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu's
November 20 camp in Vienna

Over 80 participants!!! 
Participants came from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

Images from Soke Ernst Binder's & Shihan Tom ODell's
Southern Sweden Jujutsu Tour 
November 8-11, 2021.

Thanks to everyone in Svalöv, Bromölla, Höganäs, and Lund
who participated in the evening training sessions, and helped make this tour so much fun!!!

Images from Vienna as the troops warm-up for the Hoku Shin Ko Ryo Bujutsu Vienna Seminar!!!

The seminar includes instructors from Austria, Germany, Norway, Spain, and Sweden!

Now in November Soke Ernst Binder and Shihan Tom O'Dell are looking forward to doing a little "Jujutsu Tour In Sweden!"

From November 8 to November 11 they will be visiting one club a night to train jujutsu, laugh and build our friendships.
They will be in:
Svalöv on Monday 8/11, (19:00-21:00)
Bromölla 9/11, (17:30 - 21:00)
Höganäs 10/11, (18:00 -21:00)
Lund 11/11. (17:00 -20:00)
You are welcome to join them.

For more info, just ask Tom! (

This is going to be fun! We are all really looking forward to it!

What Did You Do During Fall Break?
One of our Star Ninjas Spent his fall break
training with Soke Ernst Binder and his Club,
Jiu Jitsu Josefinum, in Vienna.

Here are some highlights from that visit!!!

Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu - The Next Generation!

Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu
proudly announces:
The Vienna Martial Arts Symposium. November 20, 2021.

Here are some images from October 2, 2021. 
Soke Ernst Binder, Renshi Renate Binder and Hoku Shin Ko Ryu training in Germany!!!

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Barnträning i JUJUTSU!!!

Höst terminens jujutsu träning för barn börjar torsdag, september 2.

Under hösten träffas vi varje torsdag 17:00 - 18:00 .

För mer information skriv till
Tom O'Dell.

Mark your calendars now!!!

To the left is a list of planned camps for Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu in Sweden.

Please note that we will be adding camps to this list as the dates are confirmed.

All the Bujutsu camps listed here will take place in Lund.

For more information, please contact
Tom O'Dell.

Over the past week Soke Ernst Binder has been in Norway leading the training at Julian Storsletten's club, Team Spirit Kampsportsenter.

Here are some images and wonderful memories of that camp!!!

Missa inte Höst Kick-Off

5 september, 10:00 - 16:00.

Lägeravgift: 495:-

Getingevägen 11, Lund

For more info contact Tom O'Dell:

At House of Samurai’s 2021 summer camp, Soke Jan-Erik Karlsson bestowed upon Ernst Binder the instructor’s title of, “Soke of Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu.”

Ernst Binder has vowed to follow in Soke Jan-Erik Karlsson’s footsteps and continue to develop his style of jujutsu: Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu.

Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu!
We have been challenged by Covid 19 for the past year and a half, but remained active and dedicated to the budo spirit!

o More than 20.000 visits during the online training 

o International online seminars between our clubs in Sweden, Norway, Spain & Austria with more than 50 seminars.

o Summercamps and special trainings online and IRL with more than 20 events with clubs from Sweden, Norway and Austria.



Från och med den 2 september sätter vi igång med jujutsuträning på måndagar & torsdagar.

Följande tider gäller:
Ungdomar och vuxna nybörjare: 18:00 - 19:00

Barn 17:00 - 18:00

Ungdomar och vuxna nybörjare: 18:00 - 19:00

Vuxna: 19:00-20:00

Tom O'Dell leder träningen och lär ut modernt självförsvar med tekniker grundade i traditionell jujutsu.

Om du har frågor kontakta Tom:

Varmt välkomna!!!

House of Samurai Dojo - Lund Sverige  

Träning för barn, ungdomar och vuxna. Traditionella och Moderna kampsporter i en inspirerande miljö. Hos oss finns något för alla. Vi har träning för alla från ca 3 år och livet ut, oavsett ambitionsnivå och förutsättningar. 

Sedan 1976 har Soke Jan Erik Karlsson varit heltidsverksam som instruktör inom Kampsport och Självförsvar. Dojon på Getingevägen i Lund har varit verksam på samma adress sedan 1986 och hos oss har tusentals elever utbildats inom flertalet olika stilar, system, sporter och annat. 

Vi har en unik mix av traditionella arter med rötterna hos Samurajerna, och de moderna tävlingssporterna som ex. MMA. 

Kom och prova våra stilar Gratis och få information i dojon om våra Familje och Studentrabatter! 

Läs mer om House of Samurai > > >                   
Läs mer om Soke Karlsson > > >

The World Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bujutsu Federation - Founded by Soke Karlsson 10 Dan.
An organization founded by Soke Karlsson as a fundament for his own art and philosophy of Martial Arts. Today a large number of clubs, masters and other organizations are associated to the Federation. It serves to promote an open mind and big hearted exchange between martial artists world wide. The art of Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Jujutsu, Bujutsu, Iaido, Kobujutsu, Aikijutsu is practiced and endorsed at Honbu Dojo in Lund, Sweden. The Federation organize a number of camps at the dojo every year with a wide and impressive line-up of instructors. Very Welcome! 

Information >>>            

Jiu Jitsu International - Founded by Professor Richard Morris 10 Dan. 
JJI is a World Wide organization who promote, organiza, protect and serve a large number of arts, not only Jiu Jitsu. It is a organization with the main goal to spread the passion and connect the people of martial arts around the globe, and to make the highest quality of teaching avaliable to students everywhere. As of July 2016, Soke Karlsson is the Co-Soke and governing Master of the Organization together with Professor Morris.
Jiu Jitsu International info > > > > >